Brooks Lifts

Brooks Chairlifts: An introduction to the range with reviews

As you may know a lift is considered one of the most useful mechanical devices for those who are unable to climb the stairs due to injury, old age or disability, which is why perhaps you are researching them here on the internet and have found us here.

Brooks Lifts Demonstration
Brooks – Perch and Sit/Stand Model

One of the most popular types, the Brooks brand is one of the most often purchased models of lift in the UK today. They are also known to be among the few straight units that have a lift stand and handle to allow the rider to stand up when the lift is operated. This is also known as the perch lift or sit and stand variants of the model range, and John from Castle Comfort is shown in the picture above demonstrating one of these.

The Brooks is one of many different brands used by people, although they do not in fact make a lift for wheelchairs. For wheelchair lifts you need to look at our section on platform lifts, where information on the minor building works involved and the extra costs of that are available.

If however you are a wheelchair user who can mobilise up and down from your chair and have a wheelchair on both ground and first floors, and are able to transition fairly easily, then a Brooks is one of the more economical choices when it comes to travelling up stairs more safely.

Installation Requirements

In order to install this device, the stairwell should be wide enough. A measurement of the narrowest point of the stairs and a hip – knee measurement of the potential user of the lift is also taken, which will ensure that there is enough space for the rider.

If there is a narrow stairway then a sit/stand model can be purchased which has a smaller footprint, though the customers ability to stand must be taken into account with this option.

The Brooks setup is usually composed of the chair with it’s carriage underneath, a platform for the feet at the base of the chair and a rail that is mounted on the stairs near the wall, (but not attached directly to the wall so as to keep the decoration intact).

Any further questions can be dealt with when the surveyor comes to measure and write a quote up for you. Why not call us today on 0800 298 3040 or fill out the contact form to get started.

This piece of equipment is really very easy to use and a demonstration at our local showroom can be arranged to confirm just how straight forward it is, or you can see a demonstration on the video below.

Basically a person is seated on the chair, then the device is switched on to propel the chair upwards, using the rocker switches on either of the arms of the chair.

It also comes with a pair of remotes to call or send the lift, if someone else was to use it in the same household, or for operation by a carer or other family member.

Benefits of Brooks models

As one of the most commonest lifts on the market, the Brooks is made to be easy to use ensuring that the user will have a smooth ride. It is a quiet machine with no protruding wires that might be messy since it uses a remote control scheme. It can also be controlled using a joystick.

In order to ensure that users of this machine are safe from any accident, like falling, it is equipped with a lap harness that can easily be put on and taken off. The foot rest, which is also the stand when used as a stand lift for those who prefer to stand during the ride, has sensors. These sensors will put the machine on hold if it senses the presence of an item that might block the movement of the lift, such as an item left on the stairs by mistake.

The machine is effectively designed not only to safely deliver its passenger to his or her destination, but also to ensure that it would not take up a lot of space anywhere on the stairs as the arms, seat and footrest can all be folded. As it is produced in a standard beige colour it can fit well into any decor environment without clashing with existing patterns or interior design taste.

Where are they made?

Brooks lifts are made in Steeton, West Yorkshire and are built with the same reliability and safety in mind that the founder of the company, ex-Daimler engineer Fred Brooks, established when he first designed one for his own wife, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

British Standard BS5776 applies to all Brooks models which is the safety benchmark that all new units must be manufactured to.

The Brooks was the first stair lift available and manufactured in the UK and even pre-dates Stannah, who started making theirs two years later.

Brooks Reviews

Below we have a review of a local Brooks installation from one of our satisfied customers.  Once you have decided a lift is for you, and that it can help you on your stairs, then the rest of the process is straight forward and you end up being far safer on the stairs going forward.

How much does a Brooks cost?

Most of these models cost from around £1,400 to £1,800 for a straight Brooks lift. These include the standard product warranties and certification, but is variable in case your particular installation requires extra’s like a powered hinge or other additional requirements.

On the whole we recommend that most peoples situations would be suited to a new purchase, though there are some very occasional cases where hiring one might be preferable. For pricing see our page on stair lifts pricings and you can get an idea of rental costs or for today’s latest information why not give us a call on 0800 298 3040 to enquire.

Potential buyers should focus on the models that can provide them with a safe lift, that is reliable and at the right price. It is our biggest selling unit so is rightly popular with a lot of other people. Are you going to be next with your customer testimonial? Fill out our contact form to find out more or give us a call to speak to our friendly staff.