Elderly Relationships

Keeping the spark alive

Is there an age when you no longer have sexual desires?  The answer is no.  Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that your desires should stop.  Almost to prove a point, AGE UK published information from a study they carried out with more than 2,000 older people.

A Moment Together

According to this survey which was conducted online, a healthy sex-life is alive and well with the over 65’s.  More than 25% of those who completed the poll said their sex lives hadn’t changed despite being the age they were.


·         8% were keen to start new relationships

·         12% wanted to ‘try new things’ with partners

·         Many wanted to be ‘more sexually active’ – this response was split: 18% women, 27% men

·         Sadly more than 25% weren’t comfortable discussing sex with their partners

·         17% weren’t happy talking to health workers about the same subject mainly through embarrassment


This report appeared in The Independent earlier this year.

Take more tea with it

Intimate moments are important for keeping your sex life alive according to marital therapist Andrew G Marshall.  He’s not just talking the older active persons but to all married couples.

nice cup of tea

Going to bed at the same time, sharing intimate moments – like having a cup of tea together –and just touching one another are important to keep your sex life long and healthy.  He also advises that  it isn’t necessary to wait for both parties to feel the spontaneous desire and passion as they did at the beginning of a relationship.  Making sure one another’s needs are met is good.

Never too old to date

Meanwhile AGE UK advises those who aren’t in a current relationship about dating!  They reassure us that just because we are getting older that our sexual desires don’t diminish so that in new relationships this may well be the need for one or both partners.  However their advice for dating is the same for any age group, you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do.

However they do point out that an active sexual life is good for our health.  It’s a great boost to morale and improves our immune system whilst the physical act releases the same chemicals that are released when we exercise which not only give us a mood lift but also help us to relax.

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