Overhaul Needed For Elderly Peoples Services

As can be seen from the short video below, in the UK legal system we have rights for children, which are standards of expected care and support to help them. We also have standards of care for looking after animals, to prevent cruelty and which are basic in any caring society.

However we don’t actually have any specific rights for the elderly that is drawn up into contracts for when the person is visiting a hospital or being treated at home by a care agency.

One would expect that people in those professions would give the same or better care to your relatives, than you can, when they are sick or ill. But researchers and investigators have shown that standards are low and unfortunately in the drive for quantity over quality, there has been a decline in the way some of our elderly are treated.

In the video, Dot Gibson, of the National Pensioners Convention, has called for the government to implement a new “Dignity Code” which will underpin care to the elderly. The National Convention worked in a multi-agency partnership to design the code alongside colleagues from charities, nursing organisations and Health Ministers from all sides of government.

Have you been neglected or not been given basic respect or dignity when being seen within the NHS, private residential homes or being cared for at home by carers? Let us know your opinions in the comments.