How Do You Move?

Often those of us who are starting to find stairs more difficult, notice that the way we move is more stiff than when we were younger. Perhaps a health condition, like Parkinsons or just plain old age, finds us walking around with much more difficulty. When this happens we wonder how things will develop and wonder if we will manage to carry on being able to do the same things as before?

stairlift for the elderlyThe way we move says a lot about us (whether easy or difficult) – and can signpost us to seeking advice from the doctor or perhaps buying something to give us that extra little help.  For example, a copper bracelet for pain or when we buy our first walking stick to help support us when we are out and about shopping.

When our joints start to ache and movement becomes more limited, we can find that the doctor isn’t able to offer any more additional relief than a friendly ear and a prescription for painkillers. It’s then that we must take our future into our own hands and get our home set up for comfortable independent living, rather than struggling on the stairs, sometimes dangerously and painfully so.  It’s then that research from friends and family, in newspapers or on the internet comes to the fore as we seek a stairlift provider that will help keep us safe on the stairs and still able to use our bedroom and bathroom upstairs in our homes.

We have wrote before on the blog about help and advice for arthritis and keeping fit in our elderly years, but time comes to a point when we know that a stair lift will be our solution and we overcome the stigma it might have been in order to enjoy living with more dignity at home, and with a lot more safety and peace of mind too.

Many old patients of mine would dread their children seeing them in how they climb the stairs at night, as the risk of falling, and for some, the agony of climbing up, would be unbearable for their family member to witness.  If this blogpost speaks to you then speak to us where a simple ift can solve your battle with the stairs, making life easier again.  Call me or one of the friendly team on 0800 007 5050 or fill in this short contact form to begin.