Minivator Lifts

Vital Information about Minivator 950 Simplicity Lifts

The stair lift remains a great invention that has assisted many people in carrying out their daily activities with ease, comfort and convenience. As we grow older, our mobility slows down and eventually the importance of useful equipment like stair lifts dawn on us.

The minivator 950 simplicity stairlift is their entry-level straight lift. This machine is designed for a straight staircase application. It is fixed with a folding platform that makes it achieve a 900 on landing and is manufactured with the safety features you can expect from this West Midlands based company. They include a seat belt, a mechanical and electrical braking system, safety sensors and a lockable on-off switch. It is designed to overcome the problem associated with stairs, and it is available for sale from numerous partners of theirs.  We are an approved Minivator partner.  In fact you can visit our showroom/HQ to try one out for real.

It is made with a maximum weight capacity of 120 kilograms equivalent to 19 stones. It can accommodate a broad range of users as well as locations.

Key Minivator 950 simplicity features

Maximum weight capacity of 120 kilograms.

D.C power source that is free from maintenance.

It continues charging even when the power is cut.

It comes with a slim spacious design.

The lockable on off switch is installed for the security of children.

It is simple to use given that it has toggles for it’s directional controls.

The lockable swivel seat makes it simple for the user to enter as well as exit safely with minimal effort.

Electrical and mechanical breaking systems included.

Two standard remote controls.

It is fixed with safety edges that make it easy for the lift to come to a stop in case of encountering any obstructions on the stairs.

It has a simplicity self-diagnostic display that indicates the lifts status and displays any potential problems for over the phone assistance.

Safety belts as standard.

Stand/sit and perch models are also available.

Power and manual hinge options available.

Powered or manual foldable platform.

Space saver seat.

Variable seat height (height to be confirmed on order)

Quick installation.

Highest staircase angle of 50.

Distinctive toggle switch.

Narrow when folded( 285mm).

Safety cut-out sensors.

Smooth start-stop action.

24v DC powered.

If you need to stay safe and away from the dangers of tackling a straight staircase because of a health or age related reason, then you need a straight model like the Minivator 950 simplicity, which has no curves, bends or landings.
If you are keen on getting value for money, then the simplicity comes in as a great option. You don’t need any modifications to your home to install it as long as it has an electricity supply nearby given that it is rechargeable battery operated. Overall this means that your home decor will not be interfered with. The fact that it works even after a power failure makes it convenient and totally safe.
The 950 simplicity lift slim line design folds up when it is not in use. The slim track is fixed to the stairs for maximum clear space and again, the key switch protection, makes it hard to use for grandchildren.

Once it is switched on, the toggle switch is held on in the travel direction and depending on your preference, this toggle switch can be fixed on either the right or left arm of the seat.

The slide track of this model eliminates the need for a hinge and instead the track moves simultaneously with the seat leaving the doorway unobstructed. This version is ideal for someone with limited space at the bottom of the stairs in a hallway. It is also ideal for someone who wants an adjustable seat height.

Minivator 950 simplicity dimensions

Minimum swivel radius 680mm
Minimum wall to the seat back 75m
Folded width to footplate 285mm
Edge of footplate open width 580mm
Armrest width-external 625mm
Armrest width-internal 480mm
Seat back height 465mm
Footplate to seat height 390-490mm
Minimum footplate height 50mm
Minimum rail intrusion into the staircase 160mm
Minimum rail overhang at the top 150mm

Before you purchase any unit, it is advisable to get some quotes from more than one company so you can compare. There are numerous companies manufacturing stair lifts, and you need to be sure that you get value for money by checking on prices of the right type is available to suit you. Contact us to get started.