Older Women Hold Society Together

Are older women less visible with age?

Earlier this year the International Longevity Centre here in the UK published a report about the plight of older women. It came out in time for International Women’s Day on March 8th – a little recognised ‘special day’ in the UK.

The hidden side of the thoughts

On the continent of Europe it is recognised and women friends and colleagues, as well as family are celebrated.

But we digress. The report from the ILC highlighted the fact that older women become increasingly invisible. OK their slant is a tad feminist but you can’t deny some of the facts brought to the fore by journalist Michelle Hanson who says, “(This report) a snapshot of the older woman’s life in the UK today, showing that many women outlive men, and suffer more poverty, illness, violence and abuse, and it calls for young women to campaign and make sure we don’t become second-class citizens. Good, because we’re not. We’re the “glue that holds society together”.

Yes on average women outlive men by about five years due to our different make-ups.

Are women not fairly represented?

Image:Wikipedia-Laurence Boyce

Why then are women being pensioned-off our TV screens earlier than men? Only this week well-respected TV presenter David Dimbleby (74) has spoken out in favour of older women presenters on TV.

He told the Radio Times in an interview “Why should age matter with women? Women mature elegantly and better than men very often. I don’t think age should be a factor for women appearing on television.”

He continued, “It’s demeaning …. and a crazy loss of talent.”



Casualties of TV policies are Joan Bakewell, Anna Ford and Arlene Phillips yet Brucie who is 85 continues to grace our screens to present Strictly Come Dancing.

Come on guys, if the rest of us will have to work longer then let us be represented in all careers.

Meanwhile Anne Robinson and Angela Rippon can still be seen on our screens and the BBC promises there will be more.

Angela has graced them in a number of reality scenarios in recent years. Here she is below on Lets Dance For Comic Relief and putting many a younger figure to shame at age 64.

We won’t discriminate with the provision of stair lifts or other helpful mobility aids.  Although there are many more older women than men in the population we seem to have an equal 50/50 split of ladies and gentlemen for our customers. Contact us today to make your enquiry.