Stairlift Rental

Stairlifts are mechanical devices which are fitted onto a set of stairs for the purpose of lifting people up and down those stairs. They consist of a carriage, chair and railing and they are a great way to get up to the second floor. Buying one may not be needed if you have a short term need – so hiring one might be an option for you.

With stairlifts, it is not necessary to have lengthy ramps and these devices do not obstruct a stairway. Their sleek designs and finishes complement the hallway they are installed in and they are easy to use and maintain.
stairlift rentals

Having inbuilt safety features like a pressure sensitive under-pan and interlocking seat belt ensures that any passenger stays safe. A lift might be too costly for you to buy depending on the type you need. This is one of the reasons why some people opt for rentals.

Many mobility companies in the UK offer people who have mobility problems the opportunity to rent a reconditioned or new model. If you have problems with getting up and down your stairs for reasons of disability, injury or illness then you will appreciate the convenience of having a stairlift installed in your home.

Why not contact the doctor for his advice on 0800 298 3040.

Benefits of renting

The main benefit of opting to hire one is that you can start using the device immediately without having to pay the sometimes high initial costs associated with buying a lift. The up front costs of buying these devices is what keeps most people from buying them and opting to hire one instead. In addition, the monthly rent charged for stair lifts is usually lower than the loan repayment amount that people who opt to sign up for a loan to meet the costs of buying one pay.  In some cases there are 0% APR deals available for new lifts spread over a year, and if you contact us we will be able to assess you for one of these which would be the easiest to pay, with a payment plan over a year, and doesn’t include excessive APR for a loan.

The other benefit of lift rentals is that they save you from having to buy one when you might only need to use the device for a short period of time. For example, you can opt to rent after suffering an injury that has rendered you immobile for a short period, like an orthopedic operation for example.

Another advantage of hire is that the lift company will take care of maintenance and repairs at no extra cost to you. However, you should ensure that the rental agreement stipulates this is writing. Read any agreement completely before signing it to ensure that you will not have to bear unexpected costs down the road.

The downside to renting a stair lift

The main disadvantage of renting is that you need to pay for it every month but you will never own it. This can therefore be an expensive option if you want to use it for the longer term.

Factors to consider before opting to hire a lift

Type of staircase

The first thing to consider is the type of staircase you have in your home since it determines the type of lift to get. If your staircase is straight, you need to rent a straight stair lift. The costs of installing on straight stairways are lower than those of installing customised rails for curved stair lifts. Surveyors from the rental company will explain to you the best option for your staircase and provide you with a free quote for a rental installation.


The monthly payments for reconditioned stair lift rentals are lower than those of new lift rentals and you can choose the option that you find to be most convenient for you.  You should also consider the price that is levied for the actual installation and later removal. This will help you decide on the best option.  Generally, the prices that rental companies charge are inclusive of installation, call out assistance and servicing for the entire rental period. Since all houses are different, the rental prices charged may be adjusted depending on your individual circumstances and staircase design.  Contact us for a local quote.

Reputation of the company

It is essential to hire an up to date model from a trustworthy company. Such a company will have the obligation to service the unit regularly to ensure that it remains in safe working condition. If the lift suffers a mechanical problem, a reputable company will come to your aid to rectify the problem quickly. When you no longer need it, the company will remove it from your home as rapidly as they were able to install it.


Rentals are a great option if you find that you or someone else in your household has limited mobility and will be like that for a very short term period only. It is important to take your time as you explore the different options available, read reviews of different stair lift companies and get advice from a few rental companies before deciding if renting is the best option. We are available for no obligation advice anytime. Call 0800 007 5050 today.