Broken Chair Or Need A Repair?

Broken stair lift or chairlift? Need a repair?

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Stairlift Repairs

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Is your lift in good working order?

If it’s necessary for you to have a stair lift to get you from one floor to another, then it is essential that it is kept in good working order.

Whilst the majority  are pretty sturdy, you do need reliable sources of repair… just in case.

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There are some simple checks you can do if your chair is not working properly.  First of all check your manual to identify any simple things that could be affecting the working of it.

Each model has a manual with a list of things to check when troubleshooting any problems.  Once you have been through this process then you should have identified what might be the cause, or at least have ruled out what it isn’t so enabling you to narrow down what could be the cause of the problem.

DIY versus engineer

Before you attempt anything yourself, make sure it won’t infringe any terms of warranty or contract.  Only tackle repairs yourself if you are confident you are able to do them.  Otherwise it is better to call the experts.

If you are concerned about paying for repairs, there are a number of organisations, including local councils and charities, that may be able to help you fund a new installation and their on-going maintenance.  Call us and we will see what we can do to help.

Battery operated chair lifts

The battery has an LED light which will shine green when your chair is fully charged or amber if it is in the process of charging.  The LED light will not light up at all if the charger is switched off or faulty.  So first of all check to see that the battery is switched on.  If there is still no light then there is a fault.  Usually when a battery has a fault it also emits a beeping noise to alert you to this.  If this is the case, you need to call an engineer as your battery probably needs changing or you might need to buy a new pair.

Common problems

There are several simply diagnosed reasons why your device may not work.

Switches and Circuit Breakers

  • The most common is that the key switch isn’t turned on or is in the wrong place.  The key just needs switching into the correct position.
  • Check that the on/off buttons, usually located on the chair arms, are switched on!
  • If the electricity supply to your chair is transmitted through a wall mounted spur with a fuse light, check that the red light is on.  If it isn’t then check that it hasn’t been turned off accidentally.  If the Circuit Breaker has tripped off and can’t be reset, you probably have a fault which will require an engineer.
  • If the Circuit Breaker hasn’t tripped then it could be the fuse that has blown.  Only attempt to change this if you are confident that you can do it, otherwise it is a job for an electrician or an engineer.  If you do resort to DIY fuse changing, make sure you replace it with the same size and same amp fuse.
  • Modern lifts are often supplied via an RCD – a residual circuit device – which also acts as a circuit breaker.  Reset if it has tripped the power.  If it won’t reset, again you will need to call an engineer.

Safety edges

If there is no obvious reason as to why the stairlift is not working, check all the built-in safety edge switches.  There are usually five of these and all should be checked.  You can find them on the upside and downside carriage edges, the footplate up and down edges and the footplate front cover edge.  It is usually one of these that is at fault if the lift will move upwards and not down or vice versa.

Swivel seat action

If your chair has a swivel seat, you should check that it is set in travelling position using the seat paddles.  If these won’t spring back up once you have put the seat into position, it is probable that the springs have snapped.  Yes, that’s right – time to call out an engineer.


If it will react to either the wall mounted call switch or the remote control unit, but not the joystick then you will need to call the engineer.  Until they arrive you can hold the remote as you travel up or down and control the chair that way.

Track hinge rail

If you have new flooring of any type this can affect your track hinge rail.  Simple changes can stop the hinge sitting properly in position and stop your lift from working.  So make sure there is no obstruction and if it still won’t work, it’s time to call us for an engineer visit.

Stairlift spares

Lastly there are a number of suppliers on-line who stock spare parts for lifts, but you will need to be fully competent to fit these.  You might also infringe the terms of your guarantee, so before starting on one of these jobs yourself, make sure you have re-read all the terms and conditions. If you are at all unsure phone us first for impartial advice.

Keeping your unit running smoothly

Remember how much energy you used running up and down the stairs?  Well now your lift is doing it for you and it can cause some wear and tear too.  If you look after your chair lift and look out for signs of wear, it will minimise the times you are caught out with a problem.

It is advisable to get your chair serviced regularly just like any other piece of equipment.  You should have it serviced at least once every year.

Look and listen for signs that it needs some attention

All lifts often make more noise i.e. beeping or are just extra noisy when failure of some part might be imminent.  Beeping usually indicates that there is something wrong with the circuit or maybe there is a loose connection.  If it is generally making more noise, the rollers maybe wearing.

If it is running much slower than normal, it could be a sign that the motor is wearing or is defective.

In all cases an engineer can help you before the problem causes a complete breakdown.  Try us for free advice by calling 0800 298 3040