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Lift Comparison Guide

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You are to be commended for looking for information on which lift is best for you or a family member.  Our advice is to speak to someone who has already been through the same process themselves.  A doctor, friend or neighbour may help. Also our team have all arranged these for their own parents, which is what led to the establishment of our company some 15 years ago.

There are some additional features on the different models that you may wish to take advantage of, depending on your needs.

For example it may be important to you to have any one or more of the following extra options specified on your home installation:-

1.      A Swivel Seat for an easy exit at the top and bottom of the stairs. These seats can have a manual swivel, by operating a lever, or can be electrically assisted for real ease of use, and with no manual handling stress for caregivers or the rider too.

2.      A Bariatric model which can carry up to 30 stone in weight.

3.      A slimmer footprint model due to knee or hip inflexibility or because of a narrow staircase.

4.      Vinyl waterproof seating for customers with mild incontinence.  Some manufacturers will allow a customised seat colour and fabric by special order.

5.      Hinged track at the end of a straight run of stairs, so as to allow doors to open and close without obstruction.

The rest of the features of each device are generally very similar.  For example nowadays every model has remote controls to call the lift.  They all have battery backup and a seat belt, of course for safety.  All are very easy to operate with a switch or rocker paddle.  They are all different prices.

Many people, when first researching one for their stairs, might think that an online comparison chart will help them to make their decision.  Unless you have already heard some phone advice it is not easy to base your decision on a simple listed chart with sizes, weight limits and little pictures of lifts and all their names.  We just don’t think it is the best way to compare in order to find the right one.  If you want to contact us we can email you one of our charts by return and we can give you some valuable pointers in getting a good deal.

You see particular models will play to different requirements and a free no obligation chat with me, Dr.Neil or one of my colleagues Keith or Ann, and we will be able to steer you in the right direction, so at the end of the day you can choose with clarity and make a great decision.  You can buy one that is based on a full understanding of the market – something which has taken us 15 years to get.  You will be able to narrow your focus to the best lift for your needs, with no heavy pressure or obligation. Call us on 0800 298 3040 today or contact us here.