Walking Is So Good For You

Something as simple as walking seems so easy until ailments and illnesses literally “knock you off your feet” and you start to struggle with walking. There is a great deal of research that has been conducted over the years about adding exercise into our daily lives to help us live longer and be more healthy.  […]

Winding Back The Clock

As the mix of sun and showers has arrived many of us hoped for the early summer weather we were treated to last year and thought about our gardens. In Brighton and Hove the Allotment Association even advertised the availability of raised beds for those who couldn’t manage to garden an ordinary allotment. Image:Flickr-Dan Malec […]

Staying Active In Old Age

When we’re young it is no problem to keep active, both physically and mentally. Just leading everyday lives meant these things are an automatic part of it all. As we get older and possibly less mobile, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that there are still things we can do! With more spare time in […]