An Active Mind

An active mind helps all of your life Everyone worries about deterioration of all parts of the body as we age. Taking some simple steps to stay healthy as long as possible seems to be the answer. We know that keeping active helps to keep all body parts moving! But did you know that staying […]

Grumpy Old Men

Well you would be wouldn’t you if you came out of the restaurant and your car had been towed away.  Especially if you’d parked on a single yellow line and thought it was okay to do so.  This is what happened to Christopher Biggins in Shoreditch.  He thought his brand new £35,000 Mercedes had been […]

Live Longer, Get Social

Preventing Elderly Social Isolation And Staying Socially Connected A study which ran for a year up until March 2012 has found that social isolation is not good for us.  We could probably have told the researchers that without the study.  Social isolation isn’t the same as loneliness.  After all you can feel lonely even when […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

This month saw the headline ‘Elderly Britons loneliest in Europe’ prompted by a study carried out by the WRVS and called the European Social Survey. The study had questioned participants from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The UK’s elderly who took part showed that many of them felt lonely all or some of […]