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If you need a stairlift in Brighton, Worthing or Hove, or in fact anywhere in Sussex we will be able to help you get a great deal on the perfect lift designed around your needs, and your staircase.


If you or a relative are finding the stairs difficult to manage, whether through old age, a mobility difficulty or as part of a medical condition, we have just the right experience and understanding to help you and your family at this time.

Researching the stairlifts market can be a little unsettling as there seemed to be so many different websites and companies all offering discounts and offers. You have a choice between lift types depending on the layout of your staircase and also your needs currently and on into the future.

All our staff members have personal experience of care work or the NHS, and most have had one installed for a member of their own family.  This means we understand your situation well, and probably with a lot more depth than most other companies installing around Brighton.  

When you combine this with our knowledge of the whole market, rather than just one or two suppliers, you can see why we can offer you some real relief by being safe on the stairs again.  Many people have said to us that they wished they had got theirs arranged sooner, rather than struggling on in pain and discomfort.

When you speak with me or any member of the team, you can be assured you are dealing with an experienced, and most importantly, an independent stairlifts company.  This is important because we will be able to offer you a choice of lifts to suit your budget, your needs and your stairs.

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Some other firms will pigeon-hole you with just one make of lift.  Others could even fob you off with a back-of-the-paper lift that may appear unbelievably cheap at first, but go on to let you down time and again, just when you really need something reliable and trustworthy.

For free advice and guidance call the Doctor on 01273 796030 or request a callback here.

Image:Peter Greenhalgh