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Looking for stairlifts in Coventry?

You or a relative of yours is concerned about being safe on the stairs.  You have landed at the right place to be able to get the right impartial advice from a very experienced source.


My name is Dr Neil Stirling and after many years as a GP I started to volunteer my knowledge and my time with a national mobility products and stairlifts company called Castle Comfort – perhaps you have already heard of them?

When weighing up the options of a bungalow or nursing home or staying in the home you love it is far cheaper and far more preferable to manage at home if you can. Most of us older folks don’t adapt too easily to big changes so given the choice I want to be in a place that is comfortable and familiar to me, as well as being the store of happy life memories.

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We can offer you approximate prices over the phone or by e-mail, but to be more precise we prefer to offer you your quote once we have actually seen the stairs themselves, and met the person who will be using the stairlift. When the bill comes, this means we can be precise in our estimate and you will know that you have got the right one.

With us you get a choice of stairlifts designs so that we can offer you the ideal model to suit your requirements and guidelines. Each lift will be made to fit your specific staircase. A complete understanding of what the user requires is gathered together with the sizes from a free staircase assessment.

To find out more then please call to arrange for a free brochure or stairs survey on (Coventry) 02476 249100 or call for free on our 0800 007 5050 number now.

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