Lifts For Straight Staircases

A straight lift is the most popular – and the most economic. All models these days fit to the stairs – never the wall – and as most modern ones are slimline there is always plenty of room for others to walk past it.

It is remarkable just how quickly one can be fitted so there is no mess and also no fuss.  The fact that they plug in to a convenient power socket, which can be a few yards away, doesn’t cause the need for any extensive electrical work.

If the track cannot get through your door and on to your stairs in one piece – it comes in two sections. Even if there is a door way at the bottom of the stairs it is not an obstacle for you.

The lift’s track can have a ‘hinge’ part section which lifts easily out of the way when not in use. This way no one can trip over it and nor does it block the opening of a door. See an example on the video below which shows the hinged track fitted so as to allow space to open the front door.

When the hinge is in the ‘up position’ the device is parked a couple of steps up (or indeed at the top of the stairs) and a simple remote control calls it when needed. The remotes are very easy to use. Some have just a red and green button. Red goes up and green comes down …. or just remember ‘red for bed’.

And don’t forget that your remotely operated lift is also a tool with which to send the washing up and down – or is even an ideal method for a breakfast in bed delivery!

I'll give you a hand with your mobility
Dr. Neil Stirling

I promise you – and reports I get all the time confirm this – that a stair lift could make you laugh… and one does not need to be a doctor to know one of the best mood lifters in the history of mankind. Our sister website has been produced just for that reason, after all “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

It has been designed to bring a little amusement into what many needlessly think of as a slightly worrying exercise – buying a lift for themselves or a loved one. See here to laugh…..

On a serious note – younger visitors (grand children or great-grand children and perhaps even older grown up family members) can have a ride on your new ‘vehicle for safety’ – but a chair lift is not a toy – so please make the rules and keep folk in order. The key can always be taken out and hidden if necessary!

You don’t need to judge from my comments here what type is needed. I can arrange a survey and make a recommendation – or further discussion on the telephone – which will definitely help you.

If you are researching which one is right for you, it might seem a little overwhelming at first as there seems to be so many different types and different companies and at different prices.  You wonder which one is best for you?

Be assured that we stake our reputation on what we do for our customers. You are welcome to look online to find out all you can about Castle Comfort and you will only find positive information about how we have helped individuals and families to be comfortable, and to stay in their own homes independently with the supply of special chairs, adjustable beds, and other mobility products.

Whatever your question, myself and my team are here to ANSWER YOU. To conclude on who actually makes these useful machines – we have the following (listed in alphabetical order) British manufacturers:

Acorn (which now incorporates Bison Bede)
Brooks (which is in fact Acorn)

Contact me or call Freephone 0800 298 3040 8am to 10pm 7 days and you will be making the first sensible step to find out what in my opinion is the right direction in which to go.

Kind regards,

Doctor Neil Stirling MB ChB.