The Many Benefits of Dancing For The Elderly

It is a real breakthrough to get the residents doing dance sessions in care homes.  At least it helps calm agitated residents, especially those suffering from dementia, but the benefits of dance for the elderly is not restricted to just care homes as you will find out later. Image:Flickr-jvandoor Research was tested in a recent […]

Too Old For Cartoons?

The Beano comic first appeared on 30 July 1938 which means it has reached the grand old age of 75 and still going strong.  It’s cartoon strips have stood the test of time.  In fact cartoons appeal to people of all ages, even those old enough to be looking for a stair lift. Look here […]

Video Games For The Elderly

 Playing computer games helps develop spatial awareness, dexterity, hand and eye coordination, improve reading speeds and attention span.  Because the kids have interaction with the games they are also good for developing problem solving and strategising skills.   Who’d have thought? But of course a balance of activities is always best. It’s not just the […]

80 Year Old Spanish Lady Becomes Art Restorer

As we get older our body begins to wear out unless we’re very lucky or have taken particularly good care of ourselves. Our eyesight is often one of the first things to fade or at least is noticed earlier with regular check-ups. Apparently once we turn 50 we need 50% more light to see well. […]

Lift To The Stars Goes Wrong

X Factor Stair lift Crash According to reports from the USA X Factor team, three staff back stage at the studio in Los Angeles were hurt when an out of control lift crashed into them. The show which was being broadcast live from CBS Television City featured American rapper 50 Cent, who unaware of the […]