Will You Sell Your Home Or Stay In It?

In new research released today by insurer NFU Mutual and featured in the Telegraph, there have been more than a million families, over the last 5 years, who have been forced to sell their family homes, just to pay residential care fees. With average care home fees of £28,000 per annum for a standard care home […]

The Cost Of Staying In Your Own Home

Keeping a roof above your head There is considerable concern for those over 50 about being able to afford mortgage repayments or rents. Most of the fear is fired by the likelihood or fear of redundancies. Older employees feel they are more vulnerable than their younger colleagues. They also have more problems finding re-employment. AGE […]

Debt And Marriage Breakdown In The Over 50’s

Debt and marriage breakdown in the over 50s A report out earlier this month highlights the problem of debt and the likelihood of marriage breakdown in the over 50’s. The debt problem in retirement has been exacerbated by rising energy costs and poor returns on any savings the over 50s may have. So whilst at […]

Money Matters In Retirement – Part 2

More Money In Retirement Matters How we sort out our finances for retirement has always been a complicated business.  With life-expectancies increasing it is something that everyone needs to pay more heed to. Draw downs Let’s start with draw downs.  In your private pension schemes you are entitled on retirement to a percentage of your […]

Money Matters In Retirement

Getting The Facts On Money In Retirement It sure does,whatever age you are.  We were reading some tips for the over 50’s the other day and thought of you dear readers.  So we thought we’d share some of the most useful. First of all you can now retire when you want to.  However you won’t […]

Talking ATM’s

Speak to me money gods Some good news! Co-op Bank has started to install ‘talking ATMs’. These cash machines will help those with impaired sight. If you’ve ever had to squint and get too close to the tiny screen at a normal ATM to see which button you should be pressing, these will be a […]

Winter Benefits For Pensioners

Would you give back your winter fuel allowance?  For some this might make sense but for others – and the reason the payment was introduced in the first place – it is a life-saver.  With soaring fuel and energy costs and long winters, it goes a little way to help. The other concern is the […]