Robot Animals Help Elderly With Dementia

Robot Animals Help Elderly With Dementia Reading up on the latest research on ageing I have seen a study conducted by Northumbria University on the benefits of a robotic animal – specifically a seal pup, being used in a care home with the elderly, especially those with dementia. When compared to a group of residents […]

Reading For Mental Agility

Reading For Mental Agility Our brain needs a work out too to stay fit and healthy. Some people think we reach our mental capacity at around the age of 22 and everything starts to go downhill after 27. A depressing thought but we can help that with exercise too. A new study from Rush University […]

Dogs for Dementia

Man’s Best Friend – Dementia Dogs Dementia is one of the most feared conditions of aging. First of all not everyone gets it thankfully  but it is scary particularly for carers and family when people do.   There’s a great story on (an American site) about a man who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease […]

Five Factors On Memory Help For The Elderly – Part 5

Clear Thinking for a Better Memory Clear thinking can help us to accurately recall both short term and longer term memories.  This blog post will give resources to help with this.  But first of all it can be helpful to know what sort of things you tend to forget? Forget-Me-Not Flowers Source:FlickrUser-Sir Iwan The key […]

Five Factors On Memory Help For The Elderly – Part 4

A Healthy Lifestyle for A Better Memory – Part 4 of 5 Lifestyle Factors that help maintain a good memory are the things we do and take part in that produce more wellbeing in our lives. Social Activities for the Elderly According to research, those who still maintain social activities when they are older live […]

Five Factors On Memory Help For The Elderly – Part 1

Elderly Diet for a Better Memory – Part 1 of 5 There are many factors in life that can impact our memories as we age.  The main 5 factors are:- 1) Diet 2) Exercise 3) Health 4) Lifestyle 5) Cognition For the diet there are a number of beneficial foods that when included in the […]