Five Factors On Memory Help For The Elderly – Part 5

Clear Thinking for a Better Memory

Clear thinking can help us to accurately recall both short term and longer term memories.  This blog post will give resources to help with this.  But first of all it can be helpful to know what sort of things you tend to forget?

Forget-Me-Not Flowers Source:FlickrUser-Sir Iwan

The key for an older person is being organised and having a system on which they can rely on.  For instance, always putting their keys, glasses cases and wallet/handbag/bank books in set places can help with the commonest items to get mislaid.

Unfortunately there are a number of lifestyle factors or health conditions which can get in the way of reliable recall of information.  These include suffering from some of the following conditions:-

anxiety or depression.

adhd or substance misuse.

If you have had any of the above then you can work with a doctor for help in that area, but using tricks like rhymes or images to help you remember things can also work so that you don’t end up befuddled and confused over what you have done or where you have put things.

Check out this video on memory and how to develop it using your imagination.

If we summarise our posts on this subject so far then you can put in place dietary changes to help your memory, physical exercise, getting enough sleep and relaxation as well as fun pastimes and brain training as an activity itself.  All of these activities added together will help your thinking tremendously.

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