Lifts For Pets

Elderly Pets Don’t Take The Stairs Dogs travelling upstairs have been in the news before as a couple from Leeds have decided to get a lift for their dachshund dog, called Pippa.  The dachshund breed because of its peculiar sausage-shaped back tends to suffer from back ailments much more than other breeds of dog. Some […]

3 Best Ways To Get Into Your Wheelchair Adaptable Vehicles

Many of our stairlift clients also use a wheelchair and getting around within the home isn’t a problem.  When it comes to going further afield under your own efforts, and not being dependent on taxi’s or on public transport, then a wheelchair accessible vehicle is the natural choice. However not all cars are suitable for […]

Another year older and another year wiser

A bit of a personal post this one in that I have recently reached my 88th birthday! Thinking back over the many years of helping people in my working life as a doctor, I am reminded how lucky I am to still be fit and healthy and going to work each week, as I go […]

Independence For Scotland – Independence At Home

When I was invited to be interviewed for the local BBC News programme I was surprised yet also quite proud. Having worked for a number of years helping people to stay independent at home, through my role as stairlifts doctor to the Castle Comfort Group, where I have undertaken most of my stairlifts advisor training, […]


In my own words: It is particularly flattering that a tremendous amount of people who previously knew nothing of me have shown their trust by sending me emails to ask me a question. So if you have a question, don’t ask a salesman, ask me In my own words – Stairlift Companies National Advertising Most […]

The Many Benefits of Dancing For The Elderly

It is a real breakthrough to get the residents doing dance sessions in care homes.  At least it helps calm agitated residents, especially those suffering from dementia, but the benefits of dance for the elderly is not restricted to just care homes as you will find out later. Image:Flickr-jvandoor Research was tested in a recent […]

Helpful Hints From The Doctor For Life After Stroke

Once you have a stroke you may need to make some adjustments to your life depending on how severe the stroke was and what aspects of your day to day life it has affected.  The stroke may have left you with paralysed or partial movement of one or more limbs, as well as an impairment in […]

Buying A Chair Lift To End The Pain Of Climbing Upstairs

Is climbing stairs starting to feel like this? Whether you are suffering with a chest problem, arthritis, a muscular or rheumatic problem or whether you have had a stroke, a number of different conditions can make going up the stairs very difficult. To the able bodied younger person the stairs are no problem for them […]

A Little Bit Of Sunshine Does You Good

We have been lead to believe that we must keep out of the sun for fear of skin damage. The message to “Slip, Slop and Slap” – which is slip on a T-shirt, slop on sun cream and slap on a hat has been used by many health promotion campaigns in more hotter regions like […]

Is A Lift A Possible Remedy For Gout?

Rates of Gout are soaring in the UK, with one in 40 people suffering from the condition.  People first notice inflammation and pain in the joints – usually the big toes, which can then make walking and climbing stairs painful. Commonly associated with people who are overweight and/or diabetic, gout is caused by high levels […]