New Year Resolutions To Get Healthy Habits?

Are You Still Keeping Your New Years Resolutions? One week into the New Year and already some people have decided to stop exercising and are going back to their unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking. We know smoking is unhealthy – and there are ways to stop smoking, if you use the right approach. There’s […]

Rise In People Looking For A Lift After Christmas

Does Santa Need Help Up The Stairs? This time of year, more than any other, sees a rise in the number of relatives meeting up to celebrate the Christmas season.  It is also now when those same relatives realise the mobility needs of their older family members. Families tend to get together and spend more […]

Are Meals From Around The Mediterranean The Best?

The latest from the Independent, ahead of the G8 summit, was that it is our diet, not medications, that will help us beat conditions like dementia.  Prevention in the first place is preferable to trying to help something with a prescription after the window of opportunity has closed. In a letter to the Health Secretary, […]

Living Longer – The Postcode Lottery of Longevity

According to a piece by the BBC, how long someone lives can vary by as much as 11 years when comparing the the difference between someone living in a poor district, and a more prosperous suburb of a city. The city used in the example was Newcastle upon Tyne, where Newcastle University has it’s world-leading […]

Christmas Can Be A Lonely Time For The Elderly

Silver Line Phone Support (For The Silver Haired!) Age UK have found that up to a quarter of over 65’s are not actually looking forward to Christmas as it brings back memories of bereavement and that half a million would be spending it alone, while 20% were worrying about getting outside when the weather turns […]

Tips For The Elderly To Keep Healthy In Winter

The Women’s Royal Voluntary Service and BUPA have launched a new scheme for the elderly called get ready for winter. A get ready for winter leaflet and warming winter recipes is available, distributed for free via the WRVS and in some care homes. Their winter wellness campaign also includes some research around the use of […]

Things To Consider To Prevent Falls

After reading through a systematic review of the literature concerning falls prevention conducted by the British Medical Journal there is definitely proof that falls prevention programs do work. Exercise programmes designed to prevent falls in older adults also seem to prevent injuries caused by falls, including the most severe ones. Such programmes also reduce the […]

Walking Is So Good For You

Something as simple as walking seems so easy until ailments and illnesses literally “knock you off your feet” and you start to struggle with walking. There is a great deal of research that has been conducted over the years about adding exercise into our daily lives to help us live longer and be more healthy.  […]

Osteoporosis – What does the Doctor have to say?

It turns out that from a completed review of the current research, covered in Time Magazine, of a Lancet study, that taking the old standby of Vitamin D and Calcium to help to prevent Osteoporosis has been misleading. Osteoporosis is often known as a silent condition, in that up to 3 million people in the […]

Entering The Autumn Of Our Lives

With the clocks going back this weekend I thought I would make a departure from the usual blog post and write about the changing season. Do you know the mnemonic to help you remember when the clocks go back?  Spring Forward, Fall Back. We are British and have the change from  Daylight Saving Time to […]