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Elderly Pets Don’t Take The Stairs

Dogs travelling upstairs have been in the news before as a couple from Leeds have decided to get a lift for their dachshund dog, called Pippa.  The dachshund breed because of its peculiar sausage-shaped back tends to suffer from back ailments much more than other breeds of dog.

dogs on stairs
A Lift for a dog at Castle Comfort

Some newspaper columnists say they must be barmy to spend thousands of pounds on their dog to get upstairs.  The right price for a human maybe, but not for the sole use of a dog. However all 3 of her pet dogs travel up on the the stair lift. Two on the seat and one on the footplate, which Mrs Lee trained to sit there by giving them treats.

Pippa the dachshund had been to the vets to undergo a £5,500 back operation as she had a paralysis which made walking near impossible, and was now banned from jumping or straining her back.  According to her owner, Sheila Lee, it seemed the right thing to do for her much loved pets.  The couple from Leeds, who got Pippa and two other daschunds from West Yorkshire Animal Rescue, have also dedicated a doggy bedroom of their own to the dogs.  Speaking at their home Mrs Lee reasoned that if the device saves her other two dogs from undergoing the same operation then it makes financial sense, effectively saving them £11,000 in vets bills.

This isn’t the first time a dog lift idea has been implemented.  At the headquarters of Castle Comfort, where Doctor Stirling is based, one was measured up for a 3 legged terrier who found stairs difficult after having an amputation.  You can see the picture of his visit at the top of the page.

The latest installation we have arranged for a stairlift for a dog was in London. See the video below.

Also reported in the press has been an inventor that had made a prototype lift specifically for dogs featuring a paw shaped on and off switch and also a travelling basket for the dog to sit in.  This particular invention has been designed to address the growing obesity problem in our canine friends.  It seems that as Britain’s humans are getting fatter by eating more and moving less, our doggy chums are also doing the same and often sharing food from our table. Fish and chips being the most common treat for a dog it contains whopping amounts of calories that are far from healthy for a dog.

Dog obesity is dramatically on the rise, with insurance company More Than predicting that over half of the nations dogs will be overweight by 2022.

To many of us a pet is like another member of the family and so deserves a chance to live a long and happy life at home.

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