Lifts For Pets

Elderly Pets Don’t Take The Stairs Dogs travelling upstairs have been in the news before as a couple from Leeds have decided to get a lift for their dachshund dog, called Pippa.  The dachshund breed because of its peculiar sausage-shaped back tends to suffer from back ailments much more than other breeds of dog. Some […]


In my own words: It is particularly flattering that a tremendous amount of people who previously knew nothing of me have shown their trust by sending me emails to ask me a question. So if you have a question, don’t ask a salesman, ask me In my own words – Stairlift Companies National Advertising Most […]

Buying A Chair Lift To End The Pain Of Climbing Upstairs

Is climbing stairs starting to feel like this? Whether you are suffering with a chest problem, arthritis, a muscular or rheumatic problem or whether you have had a stroke, a number of different conditions can make going up the stairs very difficult. To the able bodied younger person the stairs are no problem for them […]

Is A Lift A Possible Remedy For Gout?

Rates of Gout are soaring in the UK, with one in 40 people suffering from the condition.  People first notice inflammation and pain in the joints – usually the big toes, which can then make walking and climbing stairs painful. Commonly associated with people who are overweight and/or diabetic, gout is caused by high levels […]

Would you prefer to move home into a care home?

I am in my 80’s and still feel fit and up to the task most days, but the problem comes with some families where the children or grandchildren ride-in gung-ho and try to impose a solution on Grandad or Grandma without really understanding their wishes.  They think that a care home is best so that […]

How Do You Move?

Often those of us who are starting to find stairs more difficult, notice that the way we move is more stiff than when we were younger. Perhaps a health condition, like Parkinsons or just plain old age, finds us walking around with much more difficulty. When this happens we wonder how things will develop and […]

DIY Lift Installations?

A number of companies have sprung up, particularly in America where the lift market is booming, offering DIY lifts for sale. Perish the thought. In the UK here, where it was first invented, we prefer a more belt and braces approach to securing someones safety on the stairs.  All stair lifts come with a lifetime […]


Here’s the video of us appearing on BBC News. Click the video to play it. Below are the categories on our news blog if you wish to read interesting articles, that many find useful and informative for their family members. appearance conditions diet elderly entertainment Espana exercise finance health lifts for stairs longevity memory mental […]

Prince Philip Gets Lift Upstairs

The Royal Family have invested in a lift at Sandringham, their Norfolk estate in order for them to more easily get up the stairs of their Jacobean mansion.  With the royal couple being 86 and 91 respectively the long winding stairs of their holiday home was starting to wear on the health of the Duke, […]