DIY Lift Installations?

A number of companies have sprung up, particularly in America where the lift market is booming, offering DIY lifts for sale. Perish the thought.

diy chair lifts

In the UK here, where it was first invented, we prefer a more belt and braces approach to securing someones safety on the stairs.  All stair lifts come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the motor, and a one or two year standard warranty on the other parts of the lift.  All these warranty periods can be extended with the purchase of an after market warranty. A handyman working from the back of his van cannot guarantee you that.

Why we don’t sell chair lifts for DIY installation

Any lift that is installed through us will be put in by a manufacturer trained engineer.  Although the unit might, to some, seem a pretty straightforward piece of machinery installed on a straight rail, I personally do not put lifts in, nor would I want any amateur with an electric screwdriver securing any lift for a relative of mine.  To this end we only recommend manufacturer installations for complete confidence on the stairs, and it is the same with any repairs.

There have been some horror stories in the news, which you may or may not have seen, where people have bought a lift that came off its rail.  Also when you are dealing with electrics some people think that a bit of DIY on their home wiring might be OK. What do you think?

The problem comes when something goes wrong. It’s then that legally someone would definitely be liable.  Would you be able to deal with the financial and emotional cost of causing death by a lift installation on the stairs that went wrong?

David Jenkins, product safety advisor for ROSPA –

‘The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’,

said: “The implications of getting it wrong would not only be financial.

“There could be serious injury or even death.”

Maybe the person who needs help on their stairs is old and on a small pension so they think that buying one from the paper installed by a friend of a friend would be a bargain.  If you are looking for a lift for a relative and want to save a few quid, then buying a reconditioned model from one of our approved manufacturers would be the way to go.

To see our recommended manufacturers see our which chair lift page and you can guarantee a safe and secure ride without risk.  Call us on 0800 007 5050 to get it done right.