Buying A Chair Lift To End The Pain Of Climbing Upstairs

Is climbing stairs starting to feel like this?

Whether you are suffering with a chest problem, arthritis, a muscular or rheumatic problem or whether you have had a stroke, a number of different conditions can make going up the stairs very difficult.

How can I climb upstairs more easily?
Does climbing stairs feel like this?

To the able bodied younger person the stairs are no problem for them – they hardly have to think about it.

But for an older person they can be excruciating and exhausting to face every day.

In fact to many older people the stairs are the hardest obstacle in their daily life.


They want to stay living in the home they love, but climbing up in the day to use the bathroom or for going to sleep at night can make them wish that a bungalow might be an attractive choice.

Luckily the stair lift has been invented to help them.  Turning a painful climb up the staircase into an easy and comfortable, and above all, safe experience, providing genuine peace of mind for them and their family.

A list of the main stair lift manufacturers in the UK can be obtained from here, together with some of their main features and sizes.  This list together with a talk with an experienced stair lift guide, like myself, can arm you with everything you might need to get the best lift for your stairs.

A new lift can be chosen from any of the following Top 3 companies – Stannah, Acorn or Age UK or second hand models can be installed by one of our smaller and local specialist companies, who have many years of experience in the trade, giving you the quality of a branded lift at a slightly reduced cost.

Once you contact me I can arrange brochures to be sent out as well as organise for your stairs to be assessed for installation.  A few measurements will be taken and together with questions about use of the stairs in the future we will be able to tailor a solution for you that will suit you and your budget.

Why not phone me today for free advice on anything concerning safety on the stairs and I will do my best to help you.

The number to call is 0800 007 5050