Prince Philip Gets Lift Upstairs

The Royal Family have invested in a lift at Sandringham, their Norfolk estate in order for them to more easily get up the stairs of their Jacobean mansion.  With the royal couple being 86 and 91 respectively the long winding stairs of their holiday home was starting to wear on the health of the Duke, and on the knees of the Queen.  An upgrade to their lift was in order.

Royal Lift at Sandringham
Source: Elwyn Thomas Roddick

There had been a 1 person luggage lift at Sandringham House for many years, which was used to transport guests luggage and one staff member up to the bedrooms.  However with the Prince requiring heart surgery at Papworth Hospital he would be on strict instructions to rest and recuperate on his departure.

Not for her a stairlift upto one of the 270 rooms in Sandringham.  It was to be a bigger model more like a commercial elevator and was installed by Stannah, makers of commercial people moving equipment, as well as stair lifts.

“The Queen made it clear that as she and the Duke got older, she did not want to be ferried around on a stairlift, which she considered to be undignified.

“There was a small luggage lift at ­Sandringham, which was used by the staff to take bags up to rooms, but it could carry only one person at a time. The shaft was widened and the new lift can now carry eight people.”

The only downside to the new lift was that it now had a sign fixed to it specifying no staff to use it.  Which just means that all luggage now has to travel up the stairs.

The reported cost of the lift including the extensive building works required for a large lift were approximately £1million.  We can get you a lift upstairs for 4 figures, not 6.

Do you think it is fair that the staff now have to carry the luggage upstairs?

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