Another year older and another year wiser

A bit of a personal post this one in that I have recently reached my 88th birthday! Thinking back over the many years of helping people in my working life as a doctor, I am reminded how lucky I am to still be fit and healthy and going to work each week, as I go out into the community dispensing advice and having a chat with people.

Here’s me in the office with the cake, ably baked by Ann, one of the directors of the company. Very nice it was too.IMG_5175

Also this week I have been helping with the distribution of the New Year’s chocolate boxes, some of which can be seen in the picture below, and is something that I help Castle Comfort with each year.

After a Christmas of making merry with mincepies and more, we like to carry it on into the New Year by giving a large selection box to be shared on the nursing stations at the local community hospitals, who all recognise us when we visit, and I think appreciate the gesture.

Well, the New Year is also a time for new resolutions which I wrote about in a previous blogpost last January, where I covered some of the benefits of drinking red wine, but I didn’t cover my personal regime at the time, so here it is below.

My own healthy habits include regular crosswords which I am assured keeps my mind sharp, but I also cycle every day on my exercise bike. A couple of miles is usually enough for me, but it keeps me going and gives me a warm glow, so I think it is definitely doing me some good.

A recent Christmas purchase of a vibration plate trainer to help keep my wife and I in trim was swiftly despatched back to the manufacturer as it was too heavy to be brought up the stairs and upon reflection would have made quite a loud rumbling sound through the ceiling below – so I will be sticking to my bike rides.

I also caught the BBC One show this week (which as you may know has previously covered Castle Comfort Stairlifts when the football team that they were sponsoring was featured on it.) There was a very interesting piece about a salesman who still goes to work delivering his companies products 5 days a week, and he is in his nineties.

There’s a video of him below from December when he was still 95.

His maxim for selling to his customers is remarkably similar to how we operate things here at Castle Comfort Centre.

 “It’s not complicated, just be truthful all the time, be reliable, know your products, sell the benefits and your customers will stay with you.” Reg Huntley (age 96) the UK’s oldest salesman quoted in Farmers Weekly


So I’ve got another 8 years to go to catch up to him! His recipe for longevity was to get plenty of exercise and eat meat and two veg. He also liked a drink or two, something he has in common with me, as being a Scot I like a wee dram in my coffee occasionally, especially in the kind of cold weather like we’ve had recently.

If you’ve been feeling the cold and perhaps have celebrated a senior years birthday, like me, then why not phone me to ask for a telephone consultation.

You can find out if there are any products that would be suitable for your particular ache, pain or condition, that would help you to feel good or sit more comfortably?

Either myself or any of my colleagues will surely offer you the correct information, or at the least point you in the right direction to find out more. Cheerio for now.