Another year older and another year wiser

A bit of a personal post this one in that I have recently reached my 88th birthday! Thinking back over the many years of helping people in my working life as a doctor, I am reminded how lucky I am to still be fit and healthy and going to work each week, as I go […]

Living Longer – The Postcode Lottery of Longevity

According to a piece by the BBC, how long someone lives can vary by as much as 11 years when comparing the the difference between someone living in a poor district, and a more prosperous suburb of a city. The city used in the example was Newcastle upon Tyne, where Newcastle University has it’s world-leading […]

How To Live Longer

How To Live Longer Regular readers will know of my particular interest in longevity, (who isn’t?) and here in this post I will summarise some of the latest research around the subject, so that you can make the best use of the years you have, ideally fit and well in your own home, rather than […]

Research On Longevity With Good Results

Longevity Research with Good Results The Daily Mail has carried some good news.  That’s a headline in itself when a daily tabloid has something other than bad news for us! They were reporting on some Danish research which suggests it may not all be doom and gloom when we reach our 90s.  The research was […]