Helpful Hints From The Doctor For Life After Stroke

Once you have a stroke you may need to make some adjustments to your life depending on how severe the stroke was and what aspects of your day to day life it has affected.  The stroke may have left you with paralysed or partial movement of one or more limbs, as well as an impairment in […]

A Little Bit Of Sunshine Does You Good

We have been lead to believe that we must keep out of the sun for fear of skin damage. The message to “Slip, Slop and Slap” – which is slip on a T-shirt, slop on sun cream and slap on a hat has been used by many health promotion campaigns in more hotter regions like […]

Osteoporosis – What does the Doctor have to say?

It turns out that from a completed review of the current research, covered in Time Magazine, of a Lancet study, that taking the old standby of Vitamin D and Calcium to help to prevent Osteoporosis has been misleading. Osteoporosis is often known as a silent condition, in that up to 3 million people in the […]

Obesity Crisis Fuelled By Confectionery?

According to the British Dietetic Association, calls to the Government, to halt the practice of supermarkets pushing high fat sugary snacks on people, are being ignored. However a DOH spokesperson, featured in the Independent, said that the Government were thinking about urging the supermarket chains to push more low calorie foods instead of “herding them […]

Gaining Access For The Disabled

No matter what your age, if you suffer with a mobility problem gaining access to places is sometimes problematic. Back in February this year a pensioner who suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis was told to get a taxi by rail staff. To clarify, the 74 year old was trying to get back from London to Herne […]

Prosthetic Limb Technology

It’s a strange thought that new printing developments may soon be helping with prosthetics.  You may have seen 3D printing techniques talked about in the media recently, especially in terms of ‘3D printed equipment’. Now it seems this technique can be used to “print” artificial limbs. It’s a peculiar concept because printing is generally thought […]

High Blood Pressure Remedies

We’ve reported many aids and treatments for various conditions afflicting physical or mental conditions especially as we age. Fortunately the solutions, whether due to an alternative remedy or due to technology keep popping up too. Leg Wraps For Strokes – All Wrapped Up One of the latest to grace our media was the reports about […]

Help for Parkinson’s Disease

The month of April is National Awareness month for Parkinson’s and to mark that occasion we have taken some of the latest medical research gathered by myself and collected it into this article to help people manage their symptoms, whether they have bought a stair lift or not. But make sure that you get it […]

Best Exercises For Knee Osteo-Arthritis

If you or a loved one suffer from Osteo-Arthritis of the joints, especially the knees then this piece of information may be very interesting for you.  It is a fact that those with knee troubles, with accompanying discomfort and pain, find climbing and descending stairs quite a trial. There seems to be a lot of […]