Obesity Crisis Fuelled By Confectionery?

According to the British Dietetic Association, calls to the Government, to halt the practice of supermarkets pushing high fat sugary snacks on people, are being ignored.

However a DOH spokesperson, featured in the Independent, said that the Government were thinking about urging the supermarket chains to push more low calorie foods instead of “herding them through aisles of unhealthy snacks.”


The figures for obesity in the UK are staggering and the huge growth in people suffering with obesity-related medical conditions has pretty negative effects on their whole lifestyle.  It often prevents them from enjoying activities that more able-bodied people can take part in.  According to the Department for Health the numbers of people admitted to hospital because of their obesity has tripled over the last 5 years.  Rates of diabetes, joint issues, high blood pressure and other problems have also risen sharply.

We are also seeing more and more younger people becoming obese, and laboured movement abilities are some of the first noticeable signs.  Unfortunately this can lead to less and less use as hip, knee and ankle joints feel the strain of extra weight.  If you don’t know if you are borderline obese or a more healthy weight or even underweight this interactive test will be able to tell you.

bariatric stairlifts for obese customers
We often get calls to see if we can arrange stair lifts for customers with obesity.  Our answer is yes.  We have a number of heavy duty lifts that are rated up to a maximum of 31.5 stone.  If the user is heavier than this then a vertical platform lift can be installed, which would be rated up to 39 stone (250kg) and would have a lift footprint large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Here you can see a heavy duty stair lift in action, rated to 30 stone.