Ideas On Avoiding Aching Joints

Joint Ache Remedies

One method is to use more gentle exercise forms like yoga and pilates, (which is illustrated on the video above.)

As we age many of us suffer from aching joints, even chronic pain in the joints.  It is common for us as we age to experience some joint pain.  Arthritis Research UK names about 200 types of arthritis, the common name for pains of this kind.

Whilst you can suffer with one of the many forms of arthritis at any age, certainly wear and tear of joints and resulting damage and inflammation are more common as we get older.

Ways to prevent or cope with the pain

There are some simple ways to avert the problems first of all or to manage the pain if you suffer.

·         Stick to a healthy diet and avoid too much red meat (sometimes linked to arthritis)

·         Watch your weight

·         Make sure you get enough sleep

·         Check your posture and improve it if necessary

·         Keep active; if you aren’t currently active start slowly and don’t try to do too much too soon; exercise helps the production of synovial fluid for joint lubrication

·         If possible vary your exercise regime as different joints will benefit

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·         Strong muscles help to support joints too

·       Check out exercises to relieve the pain at arthritis research UK

     Use prescribed medicine (usually Paracetamol) to manage the pain with your GP’s help

·         Heat packs or cold packs can help chronic pain (cold packs are good to take down inflammation)

·         Different people and pains respond to different treatments, use the one that works for you i.e. massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy for instance

·         If it helps, use a tens machine.  Tiny electrical impulses block the messages your joints send to the brain and helps the body to release its own pain-relieving endorphins

·         Some people with arthritis in the hands find that an i-glove attached to a tens machine helps; there is also a version for the feet and ankles

·         Tubigrips can help support joints

Prevention rather than cure

It’s always better to prevent the onset of joint pain than deal with it afterwards.  So follow the general advice about healthy diet, weight and exercise.  Of course you might also want to consider supplements.  Glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin which both occur naturally in our bodies can be taken as supplements for added protection.

 Gentle Walking To Help Aching Joints
Sydney Harbour foreshore bushwalk.

If none of this advice is suitable for you, or your mobility is severely impaired then you may need to look at some aids or equipment to help you on the stairs, like for example a stairlift.