Going Up Can Be A Challenge For Some

Less than a month ago two veterans attempted to reach the top of Mount Everest and not for the first time.  These fearless octogenarians can’t get enough it seems.

Yuichiro Miura, an 80 year old Japanese man, arrived at the peak on Thursday 23rd May and now holds the record as the oldest man to reach the summit of the worlds most iconic mountain top. 

Everest Image: Luca Galuzzi – www.galuzzi.it

Miura was described as a ‘fearless adventurer’ by The Guardian, explaining that he’d also ‘skied down the mountain’ in 1970 and has since had four heart surgery operations.  Miura climbed Everest with his son Goto who accompanied him on an earlier climb to the top in 2003.  Miura also reached the summit in 2008.

As Muira reached the top of Everest, Nepalese national and ex Army Ghurka Min Bahadur Sherchan set off from base camp to ascend the mountain.  Sherchan is 81 and it’s not the first time the pair have raced to be the oldest to reach the summit.  In 2008 he took the record just ahead of Miura when he was 76.

Despite Sherchan’s determination, bad weather and worsening conditions caused him to abandon his attempt.

Miura has since said he won’t try the climb again as he’s quite satisfied with his three attempts for his own personal achievement.  What an inspiration!

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