Tips For The Elderly To Keep Healthy In Winter

The Women’s Royal Voluntary Service and BUPA have launched a new scheme for the elderly called get ready for winter. A get ready for winter leaflet and warming winter recipes is available, distributed for free via the WRVS and in some care homes. Their winter wellness campaign also includes some research around the use of […]

Things To Consider To Prevent Falls

After reading through a systematic review of the literature concerning falls prevention conducted by the British Medical Journal there is definitely proof that falls prevention programs do work. Exercise programmes designed to prevent falls in older adults also seem to prevent injuries caused by falls, including the most severe ones. Such programmes also reduce the […]

What Does The Law Say About Visiting Elderly Parents?

In China a woman was recently ordered to visit her mother every two weeks.  The headlines were met with disbelief or humour.  It’s a pretty unheard of state of affairs to us here. The hearing was held in Wuxi City in Jiangsu province and ruled that the daughter must visit once every two months and […]

Going Up Can Be A Challenge For Some

Less than a month ago two veterans attempted to reach the top of Mount Everest and not for the first time.  These fearless octogenarians can’t get enough it seems. Yuichiro Miura, an 80 year old Japanese man, arrived at the peak on Thursday 23rd May and now holds the record as the oldest man to […]

Are You Older Than You Look Or Younger?

Age keeps featuring in the news; whether it’s that too many are living too long for the country to support, to the disgrace of the lack of older women on our TV screens. Yes it seems with improved medical care we are living much longer than we used to. In the UK our average life […]

Closing and Broken Service For The Elderly

The clocks have turned back and we seem to have been in a dark month!  News stories about the elderly or disabled were pretty grim too. Looking Up For The Lunch Club In Sheffield, the Pitsmoor Methodist Church that had been running lunch clubs for senior citizens for 38 years was in danger of having […]

Walking Speeds Decline In Elderly

We know that for most of us, we slow down as we get older. We suddenly find ourselves taking more time to do the simplest jobs. In June 2012 a survey carried out by Dr Laura Ashe of University College London found that older folk also walk more slowly too. The study was reported widely […]

Overhaul Needed For Elderly Peoples Services

As can be seen from the short video below, in the UK legal system we have rights for children, which are standards of expected care and support to help them. We also have standards of care for looking after animals, to prevent cruelty and which are basic in any caring society. However we don’t actually […]

Councils Cut Standards For The Elderly Again

This week there have been 2 reports released which cover the standards of care given to elderly residents in Britain today.  The first published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission covers the basic rights of the elderly who receive care in the home and the findings make worrying reading. Equality and human rights commissioner […]