Growing Old Is Only Skin Deep

Growing old is only skin-deep!

As we grow older there are many changes we have to face. These might be restricted mobility, loss of hearing and even impaired sight.But probably the first thing we notice is fine lines starting to appear, how we look and the nature of our skin.

Trying to make sense of who she has become

Essentially our bodies start aging once we hit our mid-twenties and then there’s no going back.  Of course usually we don’t notice the changes for many years especially in the way we look.  And in fact there are two things that affect this, our genes and what we have inherited and also our environment plays a part.

First signs of ageing

In terms of hereditary signs the first things we notice about getting older are

·         The dreaded wrinkles

My Uncle suffers from premature hair loss, it must be cold for him!

·         Graying hair which eventually turns white

·         Hair loss or unwanted hair – both are equally distressing

·         Thin and transparent skin and even hollows in the eye sockets or cheek bones


What a lot there is to look forward to!


Environmental factors of ageing

There are a number of ways that our environment can affect aging too.  For instance sun lovers who do not or have not protected their skin from the sun can suffer a number of conditions that do not help to keep their skin looking young.

The effects include:

  • Freckles and age spots
  •  Rough, leathery skin
  • Premature fine wrinkles
  • Blotchy complexion

 Other factors of ageing

Botox, he whispered

There are other ways we don’t help ourselves even though we might think we are!  For instance if you do or did facial exercises these often lead to fine wrinkles.  The absolute opposite of the effect we were trying to achieve.  Remember too that aging skin is less ‘elastic’ and doesn’t spring back as it once did.  Fifty is the key age when this really starts to be noticeable.

 Our age-old friend gravity comes into play – even in the face.  Noses and eyelids droop, watch those ears too and keep an eye out for the jowls.

If you are or were a smoker this is likely to affect your skin; it can have similar effects to over exposure to the sun i.e. wrinkles and leathery skin.

Now of course there are several treatments on the market said to help some of these conditions from Botox to skin peels but these aren’t everyone’s method of choice.

 See this encouraging video from international video talk show host Sally Felton on getting better as we get older regardless of how we look.

 The parts below the clothes

So far we’ve only really targeted the face but some people of a certain age say their skin no longer fits their body i.e. it is too big.  And of course we’ve all heard and understood the term ‘heading south’ as everything droops and heads towards our toes.

Swollen ankles and creaking bones are other things to look forward to as well according to Michelle Hanson in The Guardian. But in many ways she thinks as we get old at least we appreciate the bodies we have unlike when we’re younger. If you are already in old age perhaps now is the time to get yourself something to make life a little more comfortable on your bones.  A new adjustable bed, riser recliner chair or something else from a stair lift company can make your golden years easier, safer and more enjoyable.  You can start by contacting us.  Call 0800 007 5050 today.