Growing Old Is Only Skin Deep

Growing old is only skin-deep! As we grow older there are many changes we have to face. These might be restricted mobility, loss of hearing and even impaired sight.But probably the first thing we notice is fine lines starting to appear, how we look and the nature of our skin. Essentially our bodies start aging […]

Live Longer, Get Social

Preventing Elderly Social Isolation And Staying Socially Connected A study which ran for a year up until March 2012 has found that social isolation is not good for us.  We could probably have told the researchers that without the study.  Social isolation isn’t the same as loneliness.  After all you can feel lonely even when […]

Winding Back The Clock

As the mix of sun and showers has arrived many of us hoped for the early summer weather we were treated to last year and thought about our gardens. In Brighton and Hove the Allotment Association even advertised the availability of raised beds for those who couldn’t manage to garden an ordinary allotment. Image:Flickr-Dan Malec […]

Age Is Nothing But A Number

‘Age is nothing but a number’ That’s according to Ernestine Shepherd the world’s oldest body builder; Ernestine is 75 – probably 76 by now. She started body building and entering competitions when she was 71. Now her main mission is to help others exercise and keep healthy. See Ernestine in training on video below. Meanwhile […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful

This month saw the headline ‘Elderly Britons loneliest in Europe’ prompted by a study carried out by the WRVS and called the European Social Survey. The study had questioned participants from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The UK’s elderly who took part showed that many of them felt lonely all or some of […]

Staying Active In Old Age

When we’re young it is no problem to keep active, both physically and mentally. Just leading everyday lives meant these things are an automatic part of it all. As we get older and possibly less mobile, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that there are still things we can do! With more spare time in […]