New Year Resolutions To Get Healthy Habits?

Are You Still Keeping Your New Years Resolutions? One week into the New Year and already some people have decided to stop exercising and are going back to their unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking. We know smoking is unhealthy – and there are ways to stop smoking, if you use the right approach. There’s […]

Are Meals From Around The Mediterranean The Best?

The latest from the Independent, ahead of the G8 summit, was that it is our diet, not medications, that will help us beat conditions like dementia.  Prevention in the first place is preferable to trying to help something with a prescription after the window of opportunity has closed. In a letter to the Health Secretary, […]

Walking Is So Good For You

Something as simple as walking seems so easy until ailments and illnesses literally “knock you off your feet” and you start to struggle with walking. There is a great deal of research that has been conducted over the years about adding exercise into our daily lives to help us live longer and be more healthy.  […]

Worlds Oldest Runners Diet Secret

The Worlds Oldest Runner Retires News came this week that the worlds oldest runner has retired from competitive racing.  Fauja Singh at 102 years old, only took up running at the age of 89 yet has taken part in nine marathons! So what are this London residents secrets to old age and also being active […]

How Many Times Should You See Your Doctor?

How Many Times Should You See Your Doctor? One thing that is positive is that doctors say old age isn’t necessarily about ill health.  They’ve found that even towards the end of our lives there is not necessarily years of agony. But there is no doubt that often people who have been fit and well […]

Music Therapy For Pain Relief

Music Therapy Helps With Pain Relief It seems that music helps us to feel less pain. Research has been carried out with children about to have a medical procedure. Those listening to music were less aware of any pain caused. In turn this of course helps medical staff to perform medical procedures more easily and […]

An Active Mind

An active mind helps all of your life Everyone worries about deterioration of all parts of the body as we age. Taking some simple steps to stay healthy as long as possible seems to be the answer. We know that keeping active helps to keep all body parts moving! But did you know that staying […]

Grumpy Old Men

Well you would be wouldn’t you if you came out of the restaurant and your car had been towed away.  Especially if you’d parked on a single yellow line and thought it was okay to do so.  This is what happened to Christopher Biggins in Shoreditch.  He thought his brand new £35,000 Mercedes had been […]

Wrinkle Remedies For Pensioners

One of the first signs One of the first signs of aging is wrinkles. Women worry endlessly about wrinkles appearing and leaving their tell-tale marks of the aging process.  In recent years treatments such as Botox and plastic surgery have become more accessible to many.  But there’s something much less expensive or invasive that we’ve […]

Ideas On Avoiding Aching Joints

Joint Ache Remedies One method is to use more gentle exercise forms like yoga and pilates, (which is illustrated on the video above.) As we age many of us suffer from aching joints, even chronic pain in the joints.  It is common for us as we age to experience some joint pain.  Arthritis Research UK […]