Wrinkle Remedies For Pensioners

One of the first signs

One of the first signs of aging is wrinkles. Women worry endlessly about wrinkles appearing and leaving their tell-tale marks of the aging process. 

In recent years treatments such as Botox and plastic surgery have become more accessible to many.  But there’s something much less expensive or invasive that we’ve all been missing.

Facial Massage

According to the Daily Mail, the ingredient that can make a big difference to wrinkles was discovered and patented in 2000.  The ingredient is the chemical Matrixyl and can double the amount of collagen your skin produces.  Here’s a video about it.

Why haven’t we heard of this wrinkle remedy?

Matrixyl is found in many creams from expensive brands such as Dior, Chanel and Olay to all-time favourite Ponds.

According to an industry spokesperson, the reason why we haven’t heard of it is because brands like to market their own as being the best at the job.  And they usually name or mention some ‘new secret ingredient’ because they all want to be unique.

By the way the original tests were carried out on 93 women in the 35-55 age range for a period of one month.  They used a cream containing the magic Matrixyl on one side of their faces and a cream with no magic ingredient on the other side.  The results showed a ‘significant improvement’ on the Matrixyl side.

Women over 50 speak about beauty regimes

In the Telegraph’s Beauty section last October several well-known woman over 50 spoke about their own ageing and wrinkles.

The women included actress Maryam d’Abo is just above the ‘qualifying age’ and Ruth Hersheson who co-founded hair and beauty business Daniel Hersheson.  Also Caroline Neville, considerably over the qualifying age at 70, who is ‘founder of Neville McCarthy Associates and president of the beauty industry organisation CEW UK’.

D’Abo says she’s not bothered about lines as she can barely see them being long-sighted!  She takes a holistic approach to beauty believing that yoga and meditation are as important as beauty preparations.

Neville is an old fashioned soap and water girl, albeit that the soap is rather special (Erno Lazlo).  She uses Ponds Cold Cream as her essential facial cream – she got it right if the earlier research is to be believed.

As you might expect from the business she’s in, Hersheson takes her beauty regime more seriously.  As well as regular facial massages and treatments, she has also indulged in Botox though she doesn’t believe in overdoing it.  She definitely doesn’t want to look like someone else!

We don’t know about you, but we think we’ll stick to some good old healthy eating, exercise and Ponds. 

Yoga at Tilden14

Have you ever tried some unusual beauty routines to help with wrinkles?  I saw a concoction they made from brown sugar and lime juice used the other day on a television beauty programme – if it didn’t work you could always spoon the leftovers onto a pudding!