The Over 50’s Struggle To Find The Right Partner

The dating game for the over 50s

If any of you are fans of the BBC’s Apprentice series, you may have seen the recent episode where Lord Sugar’s candidates designed a website and an advert for an online dating site.  If you did, you’ll have heard Lord Sugar’s comments concerning the over 50’s site representing a much older age group.  He did however acknowledge that the target audience was correct.

Dating for the Elderly




It’s nothing new for younger generations to have completely incorrect perceptions about those older than themselves.  So for any other entrepreneurial youngsters who are thinking about following this route, here are a few tips and statistics about the over 50’s and dating, but first a video.

  • The 50s have been named the new 40s and people in their 50s on the whole don’t believe it is time to stop enjoying themselves.

Here’s some online dating tips for the over 50’s.

  • Divorce amongst the over 50s is rising.  One cause is thought to be the strain of empty nest syndrome and a time when they have time to reassess their lives.

Commenting on this, Paula Hall of relationship counsellors Relate says, “Years ago when people got to their fifties they’d start thinking it was pipe and slippers time, but increasing longevity means people have more time up their sleeves now, and they’re thinking more about what they really want to do with that time.”

  • Others are unfortunate enough to lose a loved one and find themselves suddenly on their own.
  • tells us that two thirds of those between the ages of 50 – 65 already use the Internet; as long ago as 2006, 55+ users accounted for almost 17% of traffic on dating websites.
  • On the same site both men and women say one of the most off-putting things about a potential partner is one who wants to get serious too soon.
  • Men who are sexually active live longer.
  • For women the same hormones released during sex that affect men’s longevity favourably, can fight the effects of the menopause and reduce wrinkles.
  • Any form of intimacy can help i.e. touching, laughing together, holding hands and so on.

Life begins again, not at 40 or 50 but when you want it to.  Life can begin again with a stairlift too.  Many people feel isolated by not tackling the stigma of a stairlift head on.  We have known many elderly couples who have had to sleep on separate floors of the house because the stairs were too big a barrier for one of them at night time.  It’s time to change that – get in touch with us to be re-united again.