Rise In People Looking For A Lift After Christmas

Does Santa Need Help Up The Stairs? This time of year, more than any other, sees a rise in the number of relatives meeting up to celebrate the Christmas season.  It is also now when those same relatives realise the mobility needs of their older family members. Families tend to get together and spend more […]

Christmas Can Be A Lonely Time For The Elderly

Silver Line Phone Support (For The Silver Haired!) Age UK have found that up to a quarter of over 65’s are not actually looking forward to Christmas as it brings back memories of bereavement and that half a million would be spending it alone, while 20% were worrying about getting outside when the weather turns […]

Caring For Aging Parents Can Be A Difficult Task

About a month ago, the Guardian featured an interview with Richard Cross, a volunteer Ambassador for Carers UK. Richard has cared for his wife for almost 23 years. She has a mental health condition as well as arthritis and emphysema and consequently needs care every hour of the day. For 12 years Richard cared for […]

Loneliness and Isolation in the Elderly

Elderly isolation can be caused by many different  factors.  Though one recent report did suggest the most horrendous reason: a poorly placed zebra crossing! The crossing in question is next to the local pub, the Brewery Tap in Brentwood. Locals complain that it’s a fast road and that motorists don’t stop which means they are […]

The Over 50’s Struggle To Find The Right Partner

The dating game for the over 50s If any of you are fans of the BBC’s Apprentice series, you may have seen the recent episode where Lord Sugar’s candidates designed a website and an advert for an online dating site.  If you did, you’ll have heard Lord Sugar’s comments concerning the over 50’s site representing […]

Elderly Relationships

Keeping the spark alive Is there an age when you no longer have sexual desires?  The answer is no.  Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that your desires should stop.  Almost to prove a point, AGE UK published information from a study they carried out with more than 2,000 older people. According to this survey […]