Worlds Oldest Runners Diet Secret

The Worlds Oldest Runner Retires

News came this week that the worlds oldest runner has retired from competitive racing.  Fauja Singh at 102 years old, only took up running at the age of 89 yet has taken part in nine marathons! So what are this London residents secrets to old age and also being active well into his older years?  The Guardian has more about his specific diet which is referenced below.

the worlds oldest runner
Running up that hill?

Every day I have linseed and a cup of tea. Before I leave home, I have plain yogurt and two glasses of water. Lunch is one chapatti and daal [lentils] made at the gurdwara with yoghurt. I won’t touch cauliflower, rice, or sweets made of rice as it doesn’t do me any good… And before I go to bed I will have a glass of warm milk…I also have ginger curry at least once a week which cleanses the body. Source:

Looking at his diet it appears that it is quite simple, however it does include the main requirements for example- protein, carbohydrate and fats.  The yogurt and linseed help his digestion and also ginger is a very potent spice, known to help many conditions related to circulation, digestion (it is used in after dinner teas) and also joint inflammation. He says that he used running as a stress reliever to help him to overcome his sadness when his wife and son died.  Although no longer competing in races he still trains every day he can for up to four hours at a time with a mixture of running, jogging and walking.

Do you exercise every day? How are hills like for you? Some people find that going up is actually easier than going down them which is related to how their knee works to cushion the impact of their walking.

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