3 Best Ways To Get Into Your Wheelchair Adaptable Vehicles

Many of our stairlift clients also use a wheelchair and getting around within the home isn’t a problem.  When it comes to going further afield under your own efforts, and not being dependent on taxi’s or on public transport, then a wheelchair accessible vehicle is the natural choice. However not all cars are suitable for […]

Older People Get ‘Appy

Easy internet connection with a web doily Whilst many older people are embracing technology for some it is still too difficult to master. It could be a lack of dexterity which doesn’t allow them to use a keyboard or fear of wiping a computer of all its information. But a new idea from Belgium is […]

Over 60’s Get Social On The Internet

Over 60s use technology to get together We talked recently about the problems of aging, isolation and loneliness. It seems for some pensioners this problem has been solved by social media sites! So it’s no longer just teenagers getting their social thrills from the internet. The video above gives tips on social networking for older […]

Mobility Scooters Can Help You Get Around

Scooters Can Help You Impaired mobility is a problem for many as they get older.  If you aren’t as stable on your ‘pins’ as you used to be, this means your risk of falling is also greater.  Impaired mobility can be caused by several conditions including joint pain and arthritis, heart disease and sometimes just lack of […]

Computers For The Elderly

Last spring AGE UK’s My Friends Online Week raised awareness of those of pension age who could and who wanted to access the internet. For many pensioners, computers weren’t the norm in their daily working life or they worked in a manual job where computers weren’t used. This doesn’t necessarily refer to younger pensioners who […]

Elderly Drivers Skills

Mobility Scooter takes the police for a ride If you’re thinking of breaking the land speed record (or water speed) or just ‘patrolling’ the streets, a mobility scooter is probably not the best choice of vehicle. So what’s this happening in Salisbury Wiltshire? Two marked police patrol cars were recently filmed escorting a mobility scooter […]

Elderly Get To Grips With Technology

Helping the ‘mature consumer’ to help themselves We’ve all noticed that the youngsters cannot live a moment without their mobile phones. It is a disaster if they lose them as they are permanently connected to their friends texting, tweeting or on Facebook. In fact it seems to be their communication system of choice. It’s the […]

The Cost of Ageing

At the beginning of the year there was news that Salford University had developed ‘Carebot’ P37 S65. This came just five months after the reports from Japan about the Toyota Robot HSR. It seems care for the elderly or infirm is on the up in the technical world. What is the driving force behind these […]

Mobility Scooter Training And Dexterity For The Disabled

Get Yourself Some L-Plates! There has been a call for training or safety use of mobility scooters, a bit like a driving licence before letting people loose on the pavement with them. Apparently nearly 300,000 of them are in use around the country and there were – and probably are – concerns about their safety. […]

Robot Helpers In Your Home Soon?

R2-D2 and C-3PO Recruited As Home Helps? Japan has one of the largest percentages of pensioners of any other country in the world.  At the moment it stands at 23.1% and looks likely to rise to 38% by 2050. In the UK, according to official statistics, about 16% of the population is over working age […]