Older People Get ‘Appy

Easy internet connection with a web doily

Whilst many older people are embracing technology for some it is still too difficult to master. It could be a lack of dexterity which doesn’t allow them to use a keyboard or fear of wiping a computer of all its information.

But a new idea from Belgium is an intriguing way of making it easier for them to engage. It is called webapperon which translates as “web doily”. There’s the clue: these piece of clever technology with access to the Internet comes in the form of a picture frame which houses the screen and a doily which sits on a side table.

Image-Maria Dryden

Beneath the doily is an RIFD reader, a radio frequency identification device. All of the parts are familiar to older users so it isn’t scary.

Friends and families create their own RFID tags so that your older relative can communicate with you. If the user places a photo on the doily the image can be sent to a tagged user’s Twitter page. The same can be done with greetings cards – as long as the name is written in the card, off it goes.

If you place a packet of medication on the doily the picture frame screen will show you all the information you need to know about it.

It can act as a music stream too. Just place a CD on the doily and it ‘plays’ over the internet. No keys, awkward drawers or other buttons to activate.

It can be linked to the telephone too so that your elderly relative can make or receive Skype calls too.

It’s available as a DIY kit though you may need a little understanding of computers and be able to read and understand some French.

SimplicITy computers

Here in the UK we have SimplicITy computers. Just like a laptop but with a second much larger screen too. Both are touch screen operated so that they can be activated by literally touching the screen.

They come fully installed with everything you need to get going. Just plug in and connect to broadband and you’re online.

The screen is divided into four different coloured triangles marked (1) documents/photos (2) email (3) web (4) tutorials. Yes it comes with 15 tutorials if you need some help!

Very easy to operate so great for an older generation who have never used a computer before. You can even chat to your friends online – just press the chat button. And if you want to chat to us for a stair lift, another thing that is great for the older generation, then give us a call on 0800 007 5050 today.